Rynda on Light In A Spoon Podcast

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From Rock & Roll To Recovery, To Catalyst, Strategist & Entrepreneur 

Rynda is a fierce advocate for transformation. She lives in the world as a beautiful expression of creative passion, courageous adventure and selfless service. Listen with an open mind and heart as Rynda shares her experience, strength and hope.

You know how you meet people and they either enter into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Well, I am not sure which Rynda will be in my life but I can say, I already know the reason, it’s already been a good but brief season and I wouldn’t be too sad if it remained for a lifetime.

Rynda, THANK YOU for your wide-open heart of courage and love. Thank you for bringing the gift of VRYEveryday to the world…to us. Thank you for your care and service to those seeking a ‘way out’ of addiction.

The realm of recovery, as we have come to know it has been the almost exclusive domain of “having had a spiritual awakening as a result of…” However, it isn’t wise nor prudent to dismiss other important components of “recovery”…for that matter mental health as a whole. Let’s face it our culture has infected the entire planet with a mental illness bordering on the lunacy of consumption and prosperity at all cost. This global condition is the untreated condition of 7.3 billion individuals who live as, what the Buddhists would call, Hungry Ghosts…constant craving for more. You and are are infected with a version of ‘ISM’ be it alcoholISM, consumerISM, any form of religionISM. The ISM = I Seek More. Whoa, how did I get so far down that path?

Let me return to other vital components to OUR collective restoration to ‘sanity’. That brings me to the solution Rynda is drawing our attention to, the biochemical rebalancing that all of us need to be brought ‘home’ to. Whether we’ve consumed copious amounts of chemicals to induce an altered state or we’ve drowned our neurons in the consumption of social media our biochemistry is ‘WACKED’. Rynda offers a solution in the form of  VRYeverydayVRYeveryday.com

Please visit Rynda’s Website & FaceBook Page and do the research you need to purchase any of the products that support the restoration of our balanced biochemistry.