Rynda on Desert Lady Diaries Podcast

“30 years after her first visit to the desert as an assistant on a photo shoot in the mid-80’s, Rynda was out to dinner with a friend at Pappy & Harriet’s, winding up a two week stay, when she jokingly asked if he ever needed a house-sitter. He happened to be going out of town in three days and offered his place to Rynda for the next six weeks. That’s some desert magic right there.

Rynda spent a great deal of time in the music business moving from LA to NY and back again working in A&R, digital marketing and a tech company in Paris. She continues to do marketing and is now a player in the wellness industry with her new supplements VRYeveryday which help to address the bio-chemical aspects of mental health. (For a limited time, use the code DesertLadyDiaries for FREE SHIPPING – thanks Rynda!)

In this episode, Rynda also graciously speaks very candidly about her own recovery and provides some insight to anyone who needs help if they’re facing addiction and want to get help.”


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