#ChuckD140c -The Black In Man – Chuck D MP3 Album Featuring Mavis Staples.

Chuck D Black in ManMore than honored to have helped Mr Chuck D sort through his 30K tweets to find the intro and outro to his new album.

Get your copy here:





Here are the words:


Twitter 140 characters

I DIG tweeting thought AND culture on this thing. It amazes me how so many people waste this great connect of technology  

Thin line between a mogul and a mongrel.

@ Mr. Chuck D

I am no Twidot, I refuse to be a Twidiot.


Fight The Power . Technology of the worldwide connection of likemindedness is unraveling the power of governments as we know it.Thus Governments of all types will resort to caveman like mass bloodshed to maintain control over human beings. If there was a millennium revolution . Check the historical record…check the prison and military agendas. Govts will do anything…FTP