Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans at California Vegetarian Food Festival


Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans
Saturday 12:00 – 12:30 Banana Symposium Stage
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

VRYEVERYDAY will also have a booth at the event- join us! Use VRY40 for a discount.

What is Mental Health Nutrition and Nutritional Psychiatry? Simply put, your biochemistry can affect your mental health on many levels and many times nutrition and supplementation can play a huge role in your wellbeing. We know “you are what you eat” but you are also what you absorb, how your body processes it and what your body may need more attending to. Learn how food can affect your moods, what deficiencies can cause mood imbalances, depression, anxiety and sleep issues. We will address the Neurotransmitter, Endocrine and Hormone Systems plus Gut Health – all key factors in maintaining good mental health.

Remember this- every wellness modality works better when you are biochemically in balance.

Class will be taught by Rynda Laurel. Founder of VRYeveryday, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker and Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach with over 27 years of sobriety and 3 years clinical depression free using natural modalities.