Rynda at Digital Entertainment World: Shake It Up: Music Video Strategies


Digital Entertainment World
February 2014

Shake It Up: Music Video Strategies for Promotion and Monetization

From Gangnam Style to Harlem Shake, the unexpected viral success of music videos is having an impact on how the medium is viewed as a promotional and monetizable tool. Recognizing that YouTube plays a vital role in defining hit songs often ahead of radio, Billboard now incorporates data on YouTube views as one of three metrics used to calculate the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This panel will discuss the importance of online video as a promotional and monetizable tool for the music industry.

Cathal Furey, Founder and CEO, FanFootage
Alexis Giles, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development, MOX
Kavi Halemane, EVP, Digital, The Collective
J Scavo, SVP, Interactive Marketing, e-Commerce & Fan Services, Warner Bros. Records