How You Do Health Podcast with Rynda Laurel & Jason Wrobel

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Rynda Laurel is a content creator & connector unlike you’ve ever seen – working with many different artists across the country and world to get their art seen & paid for. She is also the creator of VRYeveryday.

Jason Wrobel is a mindset coach who’s also a well-known speaker in the mindset & mental health space. He is also the best-selling author of the Hay House cookbook Eaternity.

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Hosts – Jonathan Mendoza & Baldo Garza, MSW Lounge
Guests – Rynda Laurel & Jason Wrobel
Podcast production – Allison Wojtowecz (Flabs to Fitness, Inc. –
Guest coordinator – Baldo Garza
Intro/Outro song – Benjamin Banger