Video Interview: Using Twitter for effective communications at Connected Marketing Week

This was from last year at 140conf in San Francisco! Guess it just got posted. If you are intereted in the real-time web and have a chance to go to a 140conf near you – do it!


Marla Schulman, Founder, Consultant & Brand Concierge at Dvin/Ideas, interviews Rynda Laurel , Founder at CauseWeRock and partner at DigiStar, who was invited on stage at Connected Marketing Week 2010 to speak at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character conference. Rynda discussed how musicians are using the real-time Web. Marla references Agchat, a twitter chat started by farmers to educate consumers about the food they consume and how food can be grown and raised sustainably. Rynda talks about why she likes the 140 Character conferences and the ingenious concept of having to deliver a presentation in less than ten minutes.

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