They’re BACK! Bong Load Records re-launches for 2016!

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25 years of High Quality

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, much to the rejoicing of indie music lovers and vinyl aficionados everywhere, Bong Load Records will once again start releasing quality music. The legendary indie label known for vinyl releases by Beck, The Eels, Elliott Smith, Fu Manchu, Richard Thompson, Wool, Kyuss and many more tastemaker artists, now adds The Killers, Mark Stoermer and Masters of Reality to their legacy.

“Here we go again! I’ve been thinking about re-launching the Bong Load vinyl pressings for years but when it hit me that the label was turning a quarter century old in 2016 there was no choice but to lift the hood and see what we could do.” producer and Bong Load Records owner Tom Rothrock explains.

The DIY label has set up operations in Las Vegas and among its first new offerings is a 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of The Killers Sam’s Town and a new Mark Stoermer album Dark ArtsRothrock says “It was important for us to come out of the gate with some local music and what better way to do it than with The Killers and Mark Stoermer?”

In keeping with the quality Bong Load Records is known for, The KillersSam’s Town is a fully re-mastered (from the source audio) double LP cut to play at 45 RPM and comes in classic black. Limited to 5,016 copies, its robust coffee table book layout adds to its uniqueness. Includes two bonus tracks, the never before heard Sam’s Town era demo Peace of Mind and the Pet Shop Boys Stars are Blazing Mix of Read My Mind. Limited pre-order available now.

Mark Stoermer’s second solo LP Dark Arts will be available August 12th on 180 gram trans green black smoke vinyl, sequentially numbered and limited to 516 copies, making this a very rare and highly collectable pressing. Available August 12, 2016.

Bong Load is also proudly reissuing a very special pressing of iconic Masters of Reality album Deep in the Hole. Featuring Chis Goss and luminary desert rock musicians such as Josh Homme, Dave Catching, Troy Van Leeuwen, Brendon McNichol, Nick Oliveri, Nick Lucero (all known for Queens of the Stoneage, Kyuss, Eagles of Death Metal) as well as Mark Lanegan and Roxy Saint. Originally released in 2001, this album was never issued on vinyl in the US. Limited to 1,016 copies. Available for pre-order August 26, 2016.

The Silver Load celebration will also include new, limited edition releases of classic Bong Load artists: two Elliot Smith LP’s (XO and Figure 8) and two Beck LP’s (Mellow Gold and Odelay, on its 20 year anniversary). Colored vinyl with posters included, sequentially numbered, these four releases are limited to 2,016 each. Available now.

All Bong Load releases will be available through the online store and hand picked influential independent retail shops in the US, UK and EU.

“We are so excited to honor the timeless albums from our past while welcoming new artists and projects to the label. From the beginnings in my bedroom in Los Angeles 25 years ago to now in the buzzing community of downtown Las Vegas, the ethic remains the same, put out music that will stand the test of time!” –Tom Rothrock

High quality audio, low quantity limited pressings.
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