World Mental Health Day & Disclosure Fest Interview

I was asked to join this years Disclosure Fest a Mass Meditation Online Festival to honor and celebrate World Mental Health Day.

I talk with @yogi_bon about my Body/Mind/Spirit journey that led her to start VRYeveryday.  “I’m gonna get Mystical and Practical with some down to earth advice for for Mental Wellness. – Rynda

2020 DisclosureFest™ A Virtual Mass Meditation Initiative ✨ for more info.

Streaming live at 11:11am pst on YouTube and Facebook

It is time to nourish ourselves – Rynda Laurel brings us in for an awareness discussion centered around World Mental Health Day – today, October 10th. It’s time we learn more about the inner workings of ourselves and our minds.
How can you support yourself naturally to help balance your neural chemistry? Let’s find out!