SXSWi 2010: French by Southwest

 Working with a great group of French Companies going to SXSW!

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About French by South West

March 12-16 2010

We are French Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Managers, Sociologists, innovation trackers, Techies and Geeks.Our group includes Start-ups, Multinational Companies, EstablishedBrands and Associations. We love new technology and innovation, workingtogether on projects and business partnerships, participating in ThinkTanks, CoWorking and Shared Experiences.


We have put together a blog and various social media outlets and toolsto help narrate our adventure in Austin. We will share feedback, viewsand analysis on emerging technologies and emerging practices in generaland on specific issues for the French. We will meet with companies fromall backgrounds; identify opportunities for collaboration andpre-launch new projects.